Pharmacy Benefits Manager OptumRX requires VAWD accreditation

A stethoscope and pills on top of money.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) OptumRx announced this month that effective Oct. 1, it will only accept billed claims for products purchased from a Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD). The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy VAWD program is an accreditation for pharmaceutical wholesale distribution facilities designed to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and VAWD…

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EHR disruptions: Do you have a Plan B?

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We’ve all lived through them – power outages, computer malfunctions, etc. And, for the most part, they are minor inconveniences. But for healthcare institutions, disruptions such as these can mean the inability to access patient health records and that can literally mean the difference between life and death. Add in the recent incidences of cyberattacks…

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