Telemedicine gaining acceptance among payors

A person typing on a laptop at a desk.

Although not entirely embraced by insurers, telemedicine is slowly becoming a more acceptable means of providing care. Even the federal government is starting to recognize telemedicine’s benefits. Earlier this month, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed increasing telehealth coverage by adding new CPT codes for services beginning January 1, 2017 as part…

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Feds Step-up Crackdown on Fraudulent Billing for Compounded Meds

A stethoscope and a stethoscope with the words " healthcare fraud " on it.

The recent indictment of a St. Petersburg physician who was charged with receiving illegal kickbacks for writing prescriptions for compounded medications serves to further highlight the federal government’s increased level of scrutiny over the industry. The facts of the latest case are as follows: Dr. Anthony Baldizzi was charged on June 23 with one count…

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