Defense Investigations

Defense Investigations: The best outcome is the case that never happens.

Becoming the target of a healthcare fraud investigation is serious business. The best outcome would be to avoid being charged and in the process prevent all the unwanted publicity and damage to your reputation and your business. The minute you become aware that you or your company are under investigation is when you should contact a qualified healthcare attorney who specializes in criminal healthcare fraud.

The Health Law Offices of Anthony C. Vitale has been representing clients under investigation for more than three decades. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Vitale knows what government investigators are looking for, and how to best prepare should you become the target of an investigation. In response to a government investigation our firm conducts a defense or internal investigation. The goal is to eliminate liability and minimize any potential damage to you or your company’s reputation and your ability to continue doing business.

Our firm represents clients under investigation by a wide range of state and federal agencies including the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Attorney General’s Office, State Attorney’s Office, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, Medicare Fraud Task Force, as well as licensing boards and other enforcement agencies.

A Defense or Internal investigation consists of four distinct components:

Factual Investigation: Our firm will conduct a complete investigation of the facts surrounding allegations of fraud, abuse or regulatory noncompliance. The lifeblood of any investigation is evidence. If there isn’t enough evidence, then an investigation can die on the vine. Our firm utilizes specialized private investigators to gather facts, collect relevant documents, and conduct witness interviews. Our firm consults with and retains experts including medical experts, Medicare/Medicaid policy experts, billing and coding documentation experts and other experts specializing in your provider type.

Legal Investigation: Our firm will conduct a legal investigation to identify any laws, rules or policies which are alleged to have been violated.

Defense Development: Our firm specializes in identifying and developing defenses and explanations to the allegations under investigation. We develop a legal defense strategy and our  firm will create a corrective action plan to identify and correct any perceived violations.

Defense Case Presentation to Enforcement Authorities: Our firm will develop a defense case presentation to the prosecuting authority. The presentation is designed to mitigate criminal, civil or administrative liability. We will meet with the prosecutor in an effort to protect your interests.

Making a mistake during an investigation may cost you not only time and money, but also your career and freedom. Give us a call at 305-358-4500 or email


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