Healthcare Compliance Programs

If you don’t have an effective compliance program in place, you’re already behind the eight ball. Think of a compliance program as preventive medicine for your practice.

The Health Law Offices of Anthony C. Vitale can help you to develop an effective program that allows you to identify and correct any problems before you become the target of an investigation.

If you or your company are the subject of an investigation an effective compliance program may help you mitigate or eliminate potential sanctions, penalties, and program exclusions

Having an effective compliance program in place can benefit you should you or your practice become the focus of an investigation, as they can result in more favorable treatment from government prosecutors.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General has a list of seven suggested guidelines that should be followed when creating a compliance program, directed at various segments of the healthcare industry.

  • Conduct internal monitoring and auditing
  • Implement compliance and practice standards
  • Designate a compliance officer or contact
  • Conduct appropriate training and education
  • Respond appropriately to detected offense and develop a corrective action plan.
  • Develop open lines of communication with employees
  • Enforce disciplinary standards through well-publicized guidelines.

Our team can help you to identify areas that need attention and help you to put policies and procedures in place. We also can conduct regular audits to ensure that policies are being followed by all personnel, and make updates when changes in the law occur.

Because the healthcare regulatory environment is complex and in constant flux, you need a team of experienced attorneys who stay up to date with the most recent changes. All you need to do is read our blog to realize that there are changes coming down the pike all of the time.

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