Boca Man Admits to Selling MD Orders

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A Boca Raton man has pleaded guilty to conspiracy and kickback charges for his role in selling fraudulent doctors’ orders to others, who used them to obtain at least $25 million in fraudulent payments from Medicare.

According to information filed in the case, Nagaindra Srivastav was the owner of B2B Apps Solutions, a Tampa-based company. He and a business partner, identified only as a resident of Pelham, N.Y., were in the business of selling doctors’ orders to durable medical equipment (DME) companies including Liberty and Medihealth, as well as to resellers of doctors’ orders.

Other co-defendants are identified as the owner of Liberty, located in Georgia; Medihealth, located in Mississippi,;and two owners and operators of Laboratory Marketing Services LLC, also known as Senior Care, as well as 2020 Technology Holding and other related entities in Boca Raton that were in the business of selling patient information for Medicare beneficiaries.

Srivastav and his unidentified co-conspirators are alleged to have paid and received kickbacks and bribes in exchange for signed doctors’ orders for Medicare patients for braces that were not medically necessary, not eligible for reimbursement, and/or not provided.

Srivastav purchased the physicians’ orders that he sold to his customers from purported telemedicine companies based in the Philippines and Pakistan. These orders lacked medical necessity, and Srivastav was notified on numerous occasions that the purported authorizing physician had not actually spoken with the patient, signed the order, or prescribed the braces.

The scheme also included the creation of an internet-based platform that individuals and businesses in the healthcare industry used for the sale and purchase of physician orders for ankle, back, knee and leg braces. Srivastav is alleged to have created a website in which DME companies and others uploaded potential DME patient information called leads that were usually obtained through telemarketing campaigns targeting Medicare patients for whom DME could be billed.

Srivastav and his co-conspirators supplied customers with signed physician orders upon receipt of payment of approximately $325 per lead.

As part of the scheme, Srivastav and his co-conspirators used two Canadian companies, neither of which provided services to customers. However, Srivastav and his N.Y. business partner had their customers enter into contracts with these Canadian companies stating that they would provide management and administrative services for the defendant’s customers. Srivastav and his co-conspirators received kickbacks from their customers doctors’ orders through bank accounts associated with the Canadian companies and paid kickbacks to purported telemedicine companies through the Canadian company’s accounts.

According to Florida’s Division of Corporate Records, Srivastav is associated with a number of different defunct companies including Galore Media LLC, Galore, Medical Group LLC, Radiance Star LLC, and Loose Some Weight Inc., among others.

Srivastav is scheduled to be sentenced in January 2023.

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