Healthcare Jobs Top 100 Best Jobs List for 2021

If you are wondering what are the best professions for 2021, look no further than the most recent “100 Best Jobs” list from U.S. News & World Report. For the first time, healthcare topped the list, claiming 42 of the top 100 jobs. These jobs also made up 15 of the 25 jobs paying more than $100,000.

Orthodontist tops the list of those making more than $100,000, followed by anesthesiologist at No. 2 and oral and maxillofacial surgeon at No. 3. These, along with five other healthcare positions that round out the top 8, have a median salary of more than $200,000, according to U.S. News.

The publication noted that the pandemic played a big part in the increase.

“One thing the global pandemic has reinforced is the need and value of healthcare professionals,” says Antonio Barbera, consumer advice editor at U.S. News. “This year’s rankings affirm that it is a good career sector for many, with typically high median salaries and low unemployment rates.”

Topping that list was physician assistant, up from No. 3 last year. According to published reports, the median salary of a physician assistant is more than $112,000 and the unemployment rate is 0.7 percent. It’s projected there will be 39,000 new jobs for physician assistants in the next ten years. Physician assistants are licensed to diagnose and treat illness and prescribe medications. They work in collaboration with a licensed physician. Laws for physician assistants vary from state to state.

Taking the No. 3 position this year is nurse practitioner. Like physician assistants, NPs can diagnose illnesses, treat conditions, and provide evidence-based health education to their patients. They usually have a specialty. They also hold prescriptive privileges in all 50 states and can administer controlled substances in all 50 states. Learn more here about their scope of practice. It’s projected there will be NP 110,700 jobs in the next ten years. The median salary is $109,820.

Medical and health services manager came in at No. 5, followed by physician. Others on the Best Healthcare Jobs List include:

  • Speech-Language Pathologist (4)
  • Dentist (5)
  • Veterinarian (6)
  • Orthodontist (7)
  • Anesthesiologist (8)
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (9)
  • Occupational Therapist (10)
  • Physical Therapist (11)
  • Psychiatrist (12)
  • Prosthodontist (13)
  • Registered Nurse (14)
  • Nurse Anesthetist (15)
  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist (16 tie)
  • Surgeon (16 tie)
  • Chiropractor (18)
  • Podiatrist (19)
  • Optometrist (20)
  • Pediatrician (21)
  • Respiratory Therapist (22)
  • Esthetician and Skincare Specialist (23)
  • Dietitian and Nutritionist (24)
  • Rehabilitation Counselor (25)
  • Audiologist (26)
  • Nurse Midwife (27)
  • Radiation Therapist (28)
  • Pharmacist (29)
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